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Restoration of Lotta Fountain

For generations the Lotta Fountain provided a destination for dog owners visiting the Charles River Esplanade. It was a place where they could relax, socialize, and allow their canine friends to enjoy a cool sip of water on hot days. The six-foot stone fountain by sculptor Katherine Lane Weems was constructed in 1939 in the name of entertainer and philanthropist Lotta Crabtree, for the benefit of thirsty dogs.

3-inset-what-ea-does-lottaLocated next to the Esplanade Playspace, the Lotta Fountain’s unique, Art-Deco design included a fountain-fed pool for dogs, 2 bubblers for horses, and granite benches for relaxing. An ode to animal lovers, the fountain was decorated with a statue of a dog, the face of a cat and etched drawings of a duck and a rabbit. The fountain was moved to its present location in 1949 in preparation for the construction of Storrow Drive.

Need for Repair

The fountain no longer works and needs significant conservatorial and engineering repair. Restoring the Lotta Fountain will require repairing damage that has been caused over the years by neglect as well as updating the structure so that the fountain and bubblers are operative.

Our Goal

The Esplanade Association seeks to refurbish this iconic fountain so that it can be restored to a place of cultural significance, public pride, and active use. The work will begin with an update of a previous design study completed in 2003. We anticipate a budget of $250,000-$300,000 for the complete restoration of the fountain.

We Need Your Support

Please consider supporting the Esplanade Association’s campaign for the restoration of the Lotta Fountain. Through your investment, you are helping to restore a celebrated and historically significant memorial.

It is only with your support that we can raise the funds needed to complete this vital project. By donating to Restoration of the Lotta Fountain you are supporting a much larger vision to make life better on the Esplanade for pets and owners.

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