Current Project– Patterned Behavior Art Mural

The Esplanade Association is proud to present “Patterned Behavior,” a bold new temporary mural by artist Silvia Lopez Chavez. The concept for this mural takes inspiration from the Esplanade’s immediate environment, and the many ways this space is enjoyed and used day-to-day. “Patterned Behavior” is the first mural commissioned by the Esplanade Association and is being curated and produced by Now + There. This project is privately funded through money raised by the Esplanade Association.

About the Mural

With the help of curator, Now + There, and local artist Silvia Lopez Chavez, this first-ever professional mural in the Park will echo the beauty, diversity and energy of the Esplanade and life along the Charles River. In addition, it will:

  • Enliven an unwelcoming area of concrete and asphalt
  • Reduce graffiti in a vulnerable area
  • Provide a vibrant connection and context between the area, its many users and uses
  • Highlight the need for safer pathways at “pinch points” like this

The mural’s conceptual design was vetted by major stakeholders, including the Landmarks Commission, the Boston Art Commission, community organizations and neighbors.  It is scheduled for painting in mid-August, and intended to remain in place for a year, with the possibility of extension. The mural is titled Patterned Behavior and was designed by Sylvia Lopez Chavez, an award winning artist who has worked in the Boston area for over 15 years. The concept for this mural takes inspiration from the Esplanade’s immediate environment, and the many ways these spaces are utilized day-to-day. It reflects the relationships and patterns created by human interaction with the space and the busy intersection of water, land and sky. The mural is a joyful and contemporary piece reflecting how the park has grown and changed since its dedication over 100 years ago.

The mural is actually a set of images that cover support walls and pillars on the Bowker Overpass which connects the Charlesgate area to Storrow Drive. The elements grow as you approach the overpass – starting simply on the pillars and growing in depth, detail, and vibrancy to full coverage on the underpass wall facing the river. Bright colors and bold graphics will represent the energy of the Esplanade – a celebration of the Park and all the ways it serves residents and visitors of Boston.

Support Public Art on the Esplanade

The total estimated cost for the mural project is $40,000.  Esplanade Association Board Members Audrey and Jim Foster have contributed the first $10,000, and we are seeking additional earmarked funding for this and future art projects. 

Give $2,500 or more by August 28th and get an exclusive Barton & Gray boat trip to view the completed mural with the Fosters and the artist, Silvia Lopez Chavez, in the early evening on Tuesday, September 5th.

Please support public art in the Park with a donation to Esplanade Association today!

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