Come learn about the amazing variety of life living in your backyard with the Esplanade Association’s first annual Family Adventures on the Esplanade! Family Adventures is a free program that invites children, teens and families of all kinds to visit the Esplanade and learn about the amazing diversity of habitats, animals and plants in a way that will engage both their minds and their bodies while having fun in the Park. Family Adventures run from 10:00am to 1:00pm and are free and fun for all ages!

Sunday, June 18th: Explore the Charles River

Kayak and fish along the Charles River while learning about the history of the Charles River, the fish that live in the River, and threats to water quality.

Saturday, July 22nd: Playing with Plants on the Esplanade

Learn about the 1,708 trees (57 species) that provide shade during the summer and beautiful foliage during the fall. Our staff will lead a tour highlighting tree species, teach families how to identify trees, and detail the critical role of trees in our urban environment.

Saturday, August 19th: Wildlife Watch

Join Esplanade Association staff as we walk along the Esplanade identifying different bird and animal species. Families will receive binoculars and fact sheets with pictures of birds and animals that live in the Park. Learn about wildlife habitats on the Esplanade and how to restore and preserve those habitats.

Saturday, September 30th: Invasive Species on the Esplanade

Many non-native plants and some animal species are a major threat to the Park ecosystem. Learn how to identify different invasive species along the Esplanade and what we are doing to stop their spread. End the day by helping to remove some invasive species along the Park shoreline.