Each year, the Esplanade Association invests over $1,000,000 in the park.


TREE PRUNING: Vendors will be on the Esplanade islands pruning 134 trees from December 3-14. Learn more about our tree care efforts. 

WE’RE HERE TO HELP! Are you looking to plan an event on the Esplanade? Reach out to Kelsey Pramik, Marketing & Events Manager via email at:

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An Impactful 2018 Volunteer Season

Our 2018 volunteer season has officially come to an end. An incredible 1,641 volunteers dedicated 4,757 hours of their time in the park. That’s the equivalent of TWO full-time maintenance staff. Thank you to all the companies and individuals who helped care for the Esplanade this year! If you are interested in getting on the list to learn about 2019 volunteer dates, please email Micah Jasny (


A dedicated group of runners have committed to run throughout Boston’s grueling winter months in support of the Esplanade. They are part of TEAM ESPLANADE, an Official Charity of the 2019 Boston Marathon. Get to know the team.

An Inspiring First Season of GroundBeat

This year, we were pleased to introduce GroundBeat: The Esplanade’s FREE Riverfront Music Series of diverse, carefully-curated, intimate musical performances. Every GroundBeat event was hosted with a local partner, including BAMS Fest, Kadence Arts, Celebrity Series, Afrobeat Fit, and Masary Studios. Our most sincere thanks go out to The Boston Foundation for making this series possible!

Support the Esplanade

As the days grow shorter and the weather cools, our certified Horticulturists and volunteers have begun the process of planting thousands of bulbs along the 3.3 miles of the Esplanade in anticipation of Spring. This is also a time of transition when we grow increasingly grateful for the verdant gardens and majestic trees we have enjoyed all summer that now require our care to survive the harsh winter days. Will you join us to support our mission and these critical Horticulture efforts?

What We Do

The Esplanade Association is a 100% privately-funded nonprofit organization that works to revitalize and enhance the Charles River Esplanade, sustain its natural green space, and build community in the park by providing educational, cultural, and recreational programs for everyone. Working in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Esplanade Association is dedicated to improving the experiences of the millions of visitors who enjoy Boston’s iconic riverside park.

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