Since 2001 the Esplanade Association has been the catalyst for over $28M in park improvements


Platning for Spring: Esplanade staff and volunteers planted 42,000 bulbs in the park this fall.

Canine Promenade Photos: View Boston Magazine’s photos and coverage from the 2016 Canine Promenade.

Esplanade Roots Showing at Fete Esplanade Association celebrates 15 years at the 2016 Moondance Gala.

Esplanade Moondance Gala: On September 24 the Esplanade Association will host the annual Moondance Gala.

Keep Running: Boston was recently ranked the 3rd best running city in America.

Dock Party Fashion: See recent fashion coverage from the Esplanade Summer Dock Party.

August Tree Check Month: This August check your trees for the Asian Longhorned Beetle, insects or signs of infestation.

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On behalf of the Greater Boston community, the Esplanade Association works to restore and enhance Boston’s Charles River Esplanade.

Your Investment Makes a Difference in the Park

With your support, 2016 was an amazing year to experience the Charles River Esplanade. We have great plans for 2017, but what we can accomplish depends on you.  Your gift today is an important investment in the future of the Esplanade.  Please support the Esplanade by making a tax-deductible donation before December 31st. Donate Now.

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Celebrating 15 Years

It’s amazing to think that in just 15 years, we have been able to transform the Esplanade from a state of disrepair to a world class park. The Esplanade Association was created in 2001, by an incredible group of Bostonians, who shared the belief that by investing in our parks, trees, and green spaces we could strengthen our community and enhance our quality of life. Learn more.

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Read our 2015 Annual Report

Thanks to you it was a very good year. With your support, in 2015 we were able to raise funds to continue to improve and transform the Esplanade. The work that we have done together has helped to improve the park visitor experience and protect the precious natural environment of our park. Read our Annual Report to learn more about all that we have accomplished.

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Protecting the Park Environment

In 2016 we experienced some of the most severe drought levels that have been seen in years. Coupled with the summer’s record heat, conditions were challenging for our park flora and fauna. The Esplanade Association park staff has worked tirelessly to care for the park environment during these extremely dry months.

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“Teaching on the Esplanade is an incredibly special experience – to be outside in this carefully protected green space within the city but surrounded by nature, under the great blue sky, breathing the fresh summer air as the sun sets over the Charles – is truly transformational. We can all breathe a little deeper, let go a little more, and connect more deeply because we’re outside in this beautiful setting.”
— Sara DiVello, Yoga instructor