Current Project — Esplanade Wayfinding System


Wayfinding Signage System

In 2016 the Esplanade Association is working in partnership with the DCR to introduce a new Wayfinding Signage System in the park. This project will establish a new signage program on the Esplanade to provide visitors with directions, general park information, historic interpretation, rules and regulations, and safety tips. Ensuring the safety and enjoyment of park visitors remains a top priority.

The Esplanade Association is working with Halvorson Design to create a series of signs which will provide clear and consistent information, have a uniform look, and be placed at key areas throughout the park. The first sign to be implemented will be a welcome sign located by the Fielder Footbridge. The sign will provide users with a park map, information, and regulations to help improve their visitor experience.

Need For Signage

The Esplanade is home to 64 acres of parkland and stretches for 3.5 miles from the Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge. Within the park area there are various amenities, historic monuments, recreational facilities, and gathering areas. The Esplanade’s current signage is widely varied in design and purpose and does not make it easy for visitors to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

With over 3 million people visiting the Esplanade each year, it is important that there is sufficient information for everyone to safely enjoy the park and get the most out of their visit.

Our Goal

It is our goal to have the first of the Wayfinding signs implemented by the fall of 2017. We will then continue to establish a complete system of signage throughout the park.

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