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Esplanade Park Tree Management

New Tree Inventory Management System

In 2015 the Esplanade Association introduced a new tree inventory management program called ArborScope™, the latest in sustainable, high-tech landscape management software. The Esplanade Association hired Bartlett Tree Experts to perform an inventory of all 1,700 trees on the Esplanade and compile this information into the Arborscope database. The program overlays the inventory and assessment on top of Google™ Maps to provide a simple and efficient means of viewing, updating, and querying any collected information.

This information allows us to rate the health of each tree in the park and provide a plan of the priorities that need to be addressed. Throughout 2016, the Esplanade Association worked in partnership with the DCR to use this information to create a diversified tree planting plan to replace lost trees and maintain a healthy canopy in the park, pruning over 550 trees.

Tree Care

City life is hard on our trees. The extreme weather, lack of water, poor soil conditions and pollution all pose challenges to the growth of healthy city park trees. Thanks to Arborscope we now have the information and resources needed to combat these issues and develop a long term care plan for tree care.

Based on this new information we now know where specific tree care such as pruning, fertilizing, and root aeration is most needed. We are also able to track the work that’s been done to ensure that every tree benefits from routine care.

Our Goal

With your donation, it is our goal to care for all 1,708 park trees this coming year through pruning, watering, mulching, weeding, and fertilization. As dead or diseased trees are removed, we will also replace them with an emphasis on the introduction of native, drought tolerant species which will help to increase the tree and wildlife diversity in the park.

We Need Your Support

Please help support our tree care by donating today. With your help we can ensure that the park will continue to be a place where you can go and find shade beneath healthy, beautiful trees.

How Can You Support Esplanade Tree Care?

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