• Esplanade Park Timeline

Projects Timeline

Since 2001, the Esplanade Association has worked with the DCR and many community members to restore and enhance the Charles River Esplanade.

2016: Pruned over 550 trees, Launched Wayfinding Project

2015: Launched Campaign to Restore the Lotta Fountain, Completed full tree inventory and tagging system, Completed the Hatch Shell Oval Restoration

2014: Re-opened the Revitalized Charles Eliot Memorial

2013: Merged with the Esplanade Playspace

2012: Started Composting Program, Unveiled Esplanade 2020

2011: Rebuilding of the Community Boating Docks, Installed 10 Adirondack chairs on the river dock, Replanted 10 willow trees and continued tree care program

2010: Hatch Shell and Dartmouth Street facilities renovated

2009: Replaced Storrow Drive Fencing, Redesigned and installed Esplanade’s fitness area, Repaved Pathway along Storrow Lagoon, Installed recycle bins and high efficiency lighting throughout the park

2008: New water fountains installed, Identification & tagging of more than 1900 Esplanade trees

2007: Helped raise $400,000 to rebuild the Boat Haven Docks, Conducted the first professional Esplanade User Survey, Installed solar trash compactors in partnership with the DCR

2006: Completed River Dock Restoration project, Completed Phase I cultural landscape report; history and condition analysis, Completed Boat Haven Engineering Study

2005: Initiated restoration of youth sports fields and held groundbreaking of Teddy Ebersol’s Red Sox Fields in partnership with Red Sox Foundation and Hill House, Rebuilt the largest Esplanade dock, (aside from CBI), Successfully advocated for the removal of 30 hazardous trees

2004: Completed the Esplanade’s first tree inventory, Funded the first design phase of Charlesbank Project, Park Volunteer Program launched

2003: Gloucester Street Dock renovated

2002: Successfully advocated for the replacement of all the benches throughout the Charles River Parklands

2001: Built Stoneman Playground and began offering enriching park programs to children and adults

What EA Does
improve park use, aesthetics, and safety
Park Care
restore and enhance the park’s landscape
enrich, connect and promote park stewardship
help protect and improve the park