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Esplanade Association Projects

Since our founding in 2001, the Esplanade Association has been the catalyst for over $28M dollars in park improvements. Some of our capital projects have included rebuilding the river docks, building two new playgrounds, renovating the Hatch Shell and Dartmouth restroom facilities, revitalizing the Eliot Memorial and restoring the Hatch Shell Oval Lawn.

Through our partnership with the DCR as well as the involvement of members, supporters, and major stakeholders, we have visibly improved the park, but there is still much to be done. We continue to advocate and fundraise for current and future projects to transform the park.

Current Project — Lotta Fountain


Restoration of the Lotta Fountain

For generations the Lotta Fountain provided a destination for dog owners visiting the Charles River Esplanade. It was a place where they could relax, socialize, and allow their canine friends to enjoy a cool sip of water on hot days. The six-foot stone fountain by sculptor Katherine Lane Weems was constructed in 1939 in the name of entertainer and philanthropist Lotta Crabtree. READ MORE

Current Project — Tree Care

Esplanade Association Trees

New Tree Inventory Management System

In 2015 Esplanade Association introduced a new sustainable, cloud-based landscape management program called ArborScope™. The Esplanade Association hired Bartlett Tree Experts to perform an inventory of all 1,700 trees on the Esplanade, assessing their individual needs. Moving forward we will use this information to develop a long term tree maintenance plan. READ MORE

Current Project — Esplanade Wayfinding System

Esplanade Association Wayfinding

Implementing New Signage

In 2016 the Esplanade Association is working in partnership with the DCR to introduce a new Wayfinding Signage System in the park. This project will establish a new signage program on the Esplanade to provide visitors with directions, general park information, historic interpretation, rules and regulations, and improve safety. READ MORE

What EA Does

We welcome all to enjoy the Park freely.

We steward the Park by working with the community to establish new and innovative practices and skillsets to preserve the Park for future generations.

We advocate for public policy and resource allocations to protect and support the Park.

Educate & Engage
We strive to educate and engage visitors through free educational and recreational programs that further visitors environmental, health, and community knowledge.

We revitalize the Park’s natural environment and historic character by reactivating areas of the Park that have fallen into disrepair.

We invest our time, effort, and resources to improving the accessibility and overall user experience.